Thursday, August 03, 2006

Writing Exercises

My friend Jennifer is collecting writing exercises at wayward armadillo blog. If you’ve got one that works that you’d like to share, head on over to her blog and post it in the comments section. I anticipate that the compendium of exercises that she’s compiling will prove most useful.


bloglily said...

What a useful idea. I went over and put in my two cents and put the site in my blogroll so I remember to check back and see what's up. Thanks for the link. Best, BL

j-love said...

Hey Kate - thanks for directing readers over to my quest for exercises.

I'm just out on the west coast and was researching used bookstores. I got some Muriel Spark's that you recommended, another Kate Atkinson "Behind the Scenes at the Museum" - how can resist such a title after my job at the art gallery?! also a W S Merwin, and Jon Paul Fiorentino's new poetry book. That's only two stores; we have about a dozen more to visit!