Friday, August 25, 2006

Andrew O'Hagan on Robert Burns

Andrew O’Hagan on Robert Burns:

I read a number of poems by Robert Burns and fell in love, not only with the mind-warpingly beautiful lines in those poems, but with him - his life and his voice and his spirit travelling through time. The accent in Burns's poems is the one I grew up with and heard every day, but to see it used like that, for literature, shook me very much, and made me realise that writing was a kind of morality. I copied his poems out on my typewriter - it was a way of improving my typing and entering very directly into the rhythm of those works, copying them out beat for beat.

I think it was Robert Burns who made me believe that the proper study of man is man, that nothing was beneath good writing, and that a committed writer owed everything to the page and nothing to piety or conformity or the ego or the fashion. He pricked delusion, and that is a good thing for a young man filled with delusions to see.

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AC said...

That quote is just breathtaking. I'm going to go read the whole essay now. Thanks!

LK said...

Kate, you have the bead on excellent essays!

Nancy said...

I agree. What wonderful passages you include here!

roxword said...

a man's a man n all that yeah heavy n a bottl uv bred n clothes dont make th man n i'll drink 2 that my pizza's reddy helen i am woman here me roar!