Saturday, September 09, 2006

More Margaret Atwood

There are several highly quotable bits in an article about Margaret Atwood in today’s Globe and Mail. Here are a few.

On autobiography:

“If I were going to write an autobiography,” she says, “I'd feel compelled by truth.”

“Are you going to write an autobiography?”

“No. Why bother? Everyone thinks you're lying.”

On working out at a gym:

“Every once in a while, I join some gym and hope I'll follow through on it. But I'm too busy. To take a slice out of your life to go jump up and down seems an amazing waste of time. The discipline in my life all has to do with writing and the laundry. I don't have room for any more discipline.”

On the supposed dumbing-down of contemporary culture:

Unlike many observers of social trends, Atwood doesn't subscribe to the conventional wisdom about the relentless dumbing-down of the culture. She thinks smartness itself may take different forms that the older generation cannot recognize. “It's like birds,” she says. “People thought birds were stupid because they had very small brains. But you could not match the memory of a chickadee. You could not do it. They can remember exactly where they put every seed and they never come back to the same place twice.” Similarly, “it may be that the younger generation is smart in ways we don't identify as being smart.”

Click here to read the whole article. It should be accessible for a couple of days before disappearing behind a subscription wall.


patricia said...

I read that article this morning. I do love reading interviews with good ol' Peggy. I love her sense of humour.

Have you had a chance to read 'Moral Disorder' yet? I really enjoyed it, but tend to agree with the Globe's review; it did lack that old familiar Atwood bite, was much softer. But still very, very good.

I also broke down and purchased Lisa Moore's Contemporary Collection of Canadian Women Writers (or whatever it's called!) and it's amazing. So far every story I've read has been a perfect gem.

Dorothy W. said...

I'm getting ready to read my first Atwood novel soon, and looking forward to it!

bloglily said...

Now there's a voice for you -- if she commented on our blogs, we'd know her for sure.

I do so like what she says about the not-so-dumb people coming up behind us. I agree with her, and love it when somebody says what I think so much more beautifully than I ever could.