Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Vote for this month's Story Selection at A Curious Singularity

The three stories that have been nominated to serve as the focus of our next discussion at A Curious Singularity, scheduled to begin on Tuesday, June 10th, are:

Laura Bork's "Mama Loved Patsy Cline";

Raymond Carver's "Cathedral"; and,

Jackie Kay's "Wish I Was Here".

Please let me know, in the comments section below this post (or its duplicate at A Curious Singularity) or via email, which of these stories you would prefer to discuss this month. All are welcome to vote for the story selection and to join in the discussion regardless of whether or not you've participated in any of our previous short story discussions.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog. It's great to see an honest and frank look at literature. I'm currently trying to get influenctial bloggers to review some new children's books from a publisher called Bayard Presse. They are books posted monthly to families full of activities, stories, trivia etc and are so far well loved by kids.
Have a look at the three different age ranges:


Bryce said...

I've never participated before, but I'm looking forward to participating in the future! I must vote for the Jackie Kay story. Love, love, LOVE her.

Anonymous said...

I've left my vote on A Curious Singularity...