Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Story Schedule at A Curious Singularity

All three of the stories contending to be our June selection garnered considerable enthusiasm and no clear winner emerged from the voting. Indeed, a number of people expressed an interest in reading all three. I've decided that that's a fine idea. Of course, we won't discuss them all in the same month, but if we take each one up in turn, these three stories will take us through to the end of the summer. (Given the difficulty I've had in other years keeping the group running through the summer months, this is a convenient solution to a difficult choice administratively-speaking as well!) So, arranging the stories in the order in which they were nominated, our summer schedule of story discussions at A Curious Singularity looks like this:

June 10: Raymond Carver's "Cathedral";

July 8: Laura Bork's "Mama Loved Patsy Cline"; and,

August 12: Jackie Kay's "Wish I Was Here".

Members of the group are invited to post their thoughts on Carver's "Cathedral" at the A Curious Singularity blog whenever they feel ready to do so. If you're not yet a member of the group and you would like to join, please e-mail me. New members are always welcome! Of course, anyone can contribute to the discussion through the comments sections of the posts without officially joining the group.

Happy reading! I'm looking forward to discussing all three of these stories with fellow short story aficionados over the course of the summer.

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I knew there was something else I needed to get around to doing before the month was over!