Friday, July 17, 2009

A Literary Pilgrimage to Mankato

I'm off on a pilgrimage to Mankato (aka Deep Valley), Minnesota to attend the Betsy-Tacy Convention. Perhaps I'll see some of you there? If you're not able to attend but are curious about the festivities, rest assured there will be much electronic communication from me and from other attendees. I'll be tweeting from the midst of it, and blogging about it afterward. I'm quite giddy at the prospect of seeing up close the places and spaces that Maud Hart Lovelace immortalized in her books, especially the Carnegie Library where Betsy learned to love the classics. It's still there, although it's no longer a library, and so too are Betsy's and Tacy's Hill Street houses, and Tib's chocolate colored house, and Carney's house complete with sleeping porch, and, well, you get the idea!


Suko said...

Have a lovely trip, Kate. I imagine you will take wonderful photos.

Lily said...

Have a wonderful trip, Kate! I'll look forward to your tweets. Those and the Apollo 11 tweets are my summer pleasures!

Angie said...

I just read a Betsy-Tacy book for the first time yesterday. For some reason I never read those books as a child.

I hope you have fun.

bookshelves said...

The picture is really good. I always liked about libraries the way books were put and arranged in their special book shelves.

Anonymous said...

One of our writers just posted a travel blog on 'How to Do' a literary pilgrimage -

Have you already gone on yours?