Monday, June 15, 2009

"He's no deid at the end..."

Ian Rankin on whether the protagonist of his forthcoming novel, one DI Malcolm Fox, is likely to become a recurring character:

"Well, I like him and he's no deid at the end, well not at the end of the second draft," said Ian. "But I do like him. He's an engaging and likeable character and someone I have enjoyed spending time with, so you never know."

The Complaints is due out in September, and I can't wait to read it.

(Thanks to Donna for the link.)


Belle said...

I just discovered Rankin last year, so I still have a lot of Rebus-related catching up to do, but this new novel sounds good.

Dorte H said...

News from Rankin is usually good news :D
I have not read all the Rebus novels yet (far from it actually), but that is because they are a bit hard-boiled so I take one at the time with a good pause in between.

jenclair said...

I agree with Dorte -- the Rebus books are hard-boiled enough to require me to space them out. BUT the introduction of a possible new character certainly arouses my renewed interest!

Melanie said...

I haven't read the Rebus books because they are a little too graphic in parts for my squeamish tastes -- but I do enjoy seeing Ian Rankin appear in cameos in Alexander McCall Smith's "Scotland Street" series.