Monday, November 05, 2007

Vote for this month's Story Selection at A Curious Singularity

It's time to vote on which story will be the focus of the November discussion at A Curious Singularity, scheduled to begin on Tuesday, November 13th. Three stories have been nominated:

Elizabeth Bowen, "Hand in Glove" (1952);
Elizabeth Taylor, "Miss A. and Miss M." (1972); and,
Gloria Sawai, "The Day I Sat With Jesus on the Sun Deck and a Wind Came Up and Blew My Kimono Open and He Saw My Breasts" (2001).

Please let me know, in the comments section below this post or its duplicate at A Curious Singularity or via email, which of these stories you would prefer to discuss this month.

In the meantime, there's still a week left to contribute your thoughts on Guy de Maupassant's "La Horla," the story currently under discussion there. I expect that I will be adding my two cents just under the wire as usual. I was dubbed "Kate the Late" in kindergarten and I have to concede that decades later the tag still applies...


Seachanges said...

This sounds interesting: do you have to be /become a member to take part?

Kate S. said...


You can participate in the discussion via the comments sections of the various posts on the story without becoming a member of "A Curious Singularity." But you do have to become a member of the blog if you want to post your thoughts on the selected story alongside those of the other participants. You're very welcome to join though! We're always happy to have new members. To do so, just send me your email address and I will send you a blogger invite to join.