Thursday, November 02, 2006

Revising in My Sleep

I’ve been having a lot of dreams about revising lately. Not stress dreams of the sort from which I wake exhausted feeling as if I’ve worked all night yet accomplished nothing. Rather, dreams from which I wake feeling sharp and invigorated, as though taking time out to sleep hasn’t slowed my momentum in the slightest. Not that I emerge from them with actual fixes in mind for the stories I’m wrestling with in my waking hours. Nevertheless I take the dreams as a reassuring sign that my subconscious is working for me in the endeavour to get my manuscript into final form. The end is in sight.


litlove said...

Bon courage, Kate! I think I will have to try composing in my dreams - need to do enough of this to have something to revise! But revising is quite tricky, so it's nice to have subconscious boost.

Renee said...

I really do believe that the time your subconscious spends on a problem counts toward working on it. There's something very mysterious and wonderful about our brains, and how well they do despite all the self-deafeating things we do while we're awake.

Rebecca H. said...

That sounds like a wonderful state to be in -- productive and intense, in a good way. Congrats on being this close to the end!