Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lexiconjury: The Philadelphia Edition

Tonight, I attended the penultimate lexiconjury reading. The featured readers were three kick-ass poets from Philadelphia: Janet Neigh, Karen Hannah, and Sarah Dowling. I won’t attempt to describe their work. Even when I think a poetry reading was amazing, I rarely leave with more than a vague sense of what was read. I need to see it on the page before it really sinks in; that’s just the way my brain works. The test for me is whether hearing the poems makes me want to read them for myself. I am very keen now to read the work of each of these poets.

Happily my vagueness need not deprive you altogether. A series of p/reviews are available on a. raw's blog. I encourage you to click here, here and here to learn a bit about each of the poets and her work.

On the way home from the reading, I started composing a new story in my head, plucking the characters at random from my fellow streetcar travellers. I don’t know why, but good poetry always makes me feel like writing fiction.

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