Monday, January 16, 2006

Toronto's Literary Vitality

In an article in The Globe and Mail, Christopher Frey finds evidence of Toronto’s cultural vitality in its diversity of reading series:

Literary events put on by Harbourfront Centre and the University of Toronto Bookstore may enjoy a higher profile, but the growing slate of ambitious, DIY-inspired arts and literary evenings is where you'll find real proof of the city's cultural vitality. It's in the bars, indie bookshops and YMCAs where these restless offspring make their homes that Toronto's literary future is being fomented.

The Fictitious Reading Series, my new venture with Stuart Ross, is one of the five series that Frey profiles in the article. Click here to read all about them.

Stay tuned for a detailed announcement about this month's instalment of The Fictitious Reading Series.


Kate C. said...

Hi there! I just saw your blog about the lack of Toronto readings that are more about fiction than poetry. You might want to check out:
... this is the Strong Words reading series, presented by myself (Kate Carraway) and my cohort and Indiepolitik chief Matt Blair. We present a great deal of fiction, as well as personal non-fiction, literary journalism, spoken word, poetry, documentary film, and some other stuff. We've hosted Emily Pohl-Weary, Chris Eaton, Aidan Baker, Liisa Ladouceur, Spencer Butt, Nicole Cohen, Kat Collins, Matt Collins, and a lot more. Our upcoming reading is on Feb. 6 (7:30 at the Gladstone Hotel) and features Brian Joseph Davis, Amy Lam and Dylan Reibling.

... Just thought you might be interested. Take care.


Ella said...

Man, Toronto sounds fun. I think my neighborhood needs a little more literary vitality. Who's up next for the FRC, by the way?

Ella said...

Shoot, I meant the FRS - Ficticious Reading Series. I am having a clumsy morning. But I do want to know! Last month's sounded marvelous.

Kate S. said...

Kate C.,

The Strong Words reading series sounds fantastic. I will definitely check it out.


Funny you should ask... The writers reading at the FRS this month are Jason Anderson and Alexandra Leggat. I've just put up a post with some details about each of them and their work. Excellent writers both.

Giller Prize said...

You are invited to * preview * the Giller Prize Award show!

Why: Because you are interested in Canadian literary arts and you would love the opportunity to be a part of the behind the scenes action before the live show.

When: Tuesday Nov 7th, 2pm- 5pm

Where: Four Seasons banquet Hall,
21 Avenue Rd @ Bloor St

*** Please RSVP: ***

Tina said...

Hi all!

I just thought I'd let you know about free fiction-based readings which are up-and-coming at Hart House Library(run by the Hart House Literary and Library Committee)at 7 Hart House Circle on the second floor. One is on Wednesday January 16th at 8 pm. The author will be Helen Pereira. She will be reading from her book of short fiction called Southern Exposure about Canadian foreign aid workers. All are welcome, and there will be a small reception of coffee and cookies afterwards.

Donna Marrin said...

Hi Kate,
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Warm regards,
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