Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Neighbourhood

Check out this short video all about my neighbourhood. About four minutes in, you'll get a peek at the local library my visits to which I regularly mention here. I didn't know until I watched this program that it's one of three Toronto libraries that was built in 1916 to mark the three-hundredth anniversary of William Shakespeare's death.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Kate, just to let you know that the video doesn't seem to work for me.

Kate S. said...

smithereens, I'm not sure why the video won't work for you. Perhaps try clicking this link to watch it directly on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

That's a terrific little video. Got me to thinking about adding one to our store's website. We get so many positive reactions about the ambiance may as well show it off a bit.

The Bookshop Blog

x said...

Kate: 3 things.
1. I'm interested in joining your story group, and I did a review of a story collection I love by Lydia Davis and want to read more. You can read it on my blog from this weekend.

2. What's the Short Story Challenge. I've just started one of my own just for me and was curious.

3. I just started a new blog "Postcards from Bloggerville" in which each blogger describes his or her internal map of her world. This video reminded me of it. I'd love if if you and your blog buddies would stop by and add a comment. I want to get as many as possible and make each a separate post to display the diversity of bloggers'mental images of their geographical sense of place. So, basically: You Are Invited.

x said...

Oh, and I am a Litblogger among other things, like fiction writing.