Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bruce Meyer on Reading

Bruce Meyer on reading:

Here is a simple truth: nothing prepares us better for reading than reading. Reading is a process not just of assimilating ideas but of learning the skills, the fundamental structures, and the repeated story lines that make further reading a richer, more enjoyable, and much more powerful experience. Countless authors through the ages have learned the craft of writing by reading the works of their predecessors, and in part their publications are commentaries on what they have read. But more to the point, each writer has felt an obligation to extend the tradition. Tradition in literature is not how a work becomes static over a period of time, but how it is constantly reinvented.

From Bruce Meyer, The Golden Thread: A Reader's Journey Through the Great Books (2000).


Anonymous said...

Oo, I hadn't heard of this one. Must check it out. Thanks. :)

Kagemusha said...

You might also be interested on reading Mark Edmundson's "Why Read?" He was on "Book Channel," and was very inspiring to listen to. I am frankly obssessed with books about reading books--I think that in some way I am trying to find out if there's someone out there as crazy as I am :-)

Anonymous said...

A highly interesting blog, Kate. I've just found you here, but I'll continue reading and link to your blog fom my own site, (assuming that's ok).

All the best, hope the reading went well.