Friday, October 20, 2006

Blog-Enriched Reading

I stopped by my university library on the way home from work today and came away with four blog-inspired choices:

Bryher’s The Heart to Artemis: A Writer’s Memoirs which has been on my wish list since Matt Cheney wrote about it at The Mumpsimus several months ago;

Angela Smith’s Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf: A Public of Two which I was inspired to seek out by recent discussions at A Curious Singularity;

Gabriel Josipovici’s The Lessons of Modernism which Mark Thwaite mentioned recently in a post on Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse at ReadySteadyBlog; and,

Graham Greene’s Travels With My Aunt from which Terry Teachout has been posting a series of tantalizing excerpts this week at About Last Night.

As I made my way from the library to the bus stop with these tomes in hand, I reflected on the extraordinary extent to which the literary blogosphere has enriched my reading life. I frequently find myself prompted by a blog post to pick up a book that I might not otherwise have heard of or been interested in. And, of course, it’s not just a matter of book recommendations broadening my reading, but also of critical commentary deepening my reading. Blog posts regularly inspire, challenge, and sometimes even anger me.

It takes a great deal of time and effort to maintain a blog and I am so grateful to all of you who do so. Not just to those I mentioned above, but also to all of the excellent bloggers listed on my sidebar to the right, to the many MetaxuCafé members whose blogs I visit through the headlines page, and to those who contribute many bookish insights through the comments sections of this and other blogs. Thanks to one and all.

That I should have access to this vast, stimulating universe without so much as leaving my house seems nothing short of magic.


LK said...

Hear, hear! Right back at ya, Kate.

Anonymous said...

I concur!

Rebecca H. said...

And thank you for maintaining THIS blog, which is a wonderful source of book recommendations and ideas.

Anonymous said...

I do so agree, Kate. There's something about the tone of these virtual conversations about books that's engaging and welcoming and very inspiring. I feel very lucky to have happened upon this world.

mary grimm said...

Me, too--I can't count the books I've ordered from the library or Amazon after reading about them on someone's blog. Including most lately Only Revolutions, on your own recommendation.

litlove said...

I couldn't agree more, Kate. Blogging has revolutionised my reading. And I echo the other commentators in acknowledging how much your own writing and reading inspires mine.

Heather said...

I find your blog very inspiring and take it as a huge compliment that you have listed my book blog on your side bar!

dovegreyreader said...

Kate I am 100% in agreement with you and thought I was reasonably well read until I dipped a toe in the world of blogging. I can't believe how all this has extended my reading experience so pleasurably and in some really unusual directions.I find it all really exciting.